Since 2012, Bubble has been committed to offering events that challenge the imagination while meeting or exceeding safety regulations.

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Bubble is in close communication with key officials on the latest developments of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19.) As soon as officials say it is safe Bubble will begin events again.  Until that time we are still open for your marketing needs. 

Bubble has also taken key steps to protect the health and safety of its employees while at work, including but not limited to: increased cleaning frequency of facilities and assets, expanded availability of gloves and actively encouraging practicing good hygiene, stepped up visitor screening and restrictions where possible, and instituted a mask policy.


Thank you

With COVID-19 reshaping the way we run our business and live our lives, it’s important that we acknowledge the people keeping us steady during turbulent times, notably the heroic work of the millions of doctors, nurses, teachers, front-line workers, and healthcare professionals around the world.  Thank you for all you have done!